Ampere Zeal-Ex

Performance Electric Scooter

Up to

85-90 Kms

per charge

Up to

5-6 Hours

of charge




With a speed of up-to 55 Kmph, Ampere Zeal Ex is a high-speed electric scooter. The dual operating speed modes let you choose the speed as per your wish.

Long Range

The economic mode of Zeal Ex provides the electric scooter range of 85-90 Kms when fully charged.


Zeal Ex is a lightweight electric scooter, but it is also powerful . The scooter reaches from 0 to 40 Km/hr in less than 11 seconds.


Ample boot space and spacious legroom make riding the Zeal Ex a comfortable affair. When we talk about daily commute, comfort is an important aspect. Try it yourself – Book a test ride now.

Easy Charging

The Li-ion battery is easy to remove from the vehicle making it convenient as it can be fully charged at home or office in approximately 6 hours for your Ampere Ex to be at full charge.

Stylish Body

Zeal Ex has glossy colours equipped with features like daylight LED, stylish body, taillight and speed-o-meter with digital display making Zeal Ex one of the best electric scooters in India.

Quirky Colours

Currently, Ampere Zeal Ex is available in four colours – Matte Red, Ocean Blue, Pearl White & Black.


Zeal Ex comes with additional security of an anti-theft alarm, making it a safe and comfortable ride.


Ampere Electric Vehicles provides 3 years warranty on key components of Zeal Ex (battery, motor, controller, charger, DC to DC Converter) or 20,000 kms, whichever comes first.

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