Ampere Reo Plus

Performance Electric Scooter

Up to

65 Kms

per charge

Up to

6 Hours

of charge

Li Ion / Lead Acid

Battery Options

No License/Registration

Since Ampere Reo Plus’s speed is 25 Kmph, there is no need to register the vehicle. Also, there is no license requirement to ride this electric scooter. However, we recommend riders to be at least 16 years old and always wear helmet

Suitable for all Roads

Reo Plus Li is built with modern technology that ensures a safe ride on both smooth and rough roads. Giving you a convenient ride on a warm summer’s day; as well as ensuring you have a safe sturdy ride on a rainy day. 

Battery & Charging

Charge your electric scooter with ease and from the comfort of your own home to ride through town. The Li battery is removable and can be connected to any regular power outlet. Advantage of a removable electric scooter battery is that you can charge it anywhere.

Cost Efficiency

Ampere shines in having a fleet of electric scooters that have proven to be beneficial in many ways. Ampere Reo Plus price can be a bargain given how much you can save on all those overhead costs that come with fuel-based vehicles. Charging electric scooter batteries take up only a fraction of the cost that refuelling takes up on a monthly basis.

Eco-Friendly Transportation

By choosing electric scooters, you are also choosing an eco-friendly mode of travelling. Ampere electric scooters do not contribute to the excessive air and pollution around. Electric scooters help you save on costs, but they also help save the environment from CO2 emissions and its impact.


Ampere Reo  plus is available in 4 popping colours to choose from. Choose the red shade to amplify the spunk in you, or a blue to match your cool self. Reo Plus is also available in bright yellow and orange colours. Ampere Reo Plus is a stylish leap towards a comfortable commute for your daily routine. Making the journey just as enjoyable. It promises safety, savings, and style.

Colors of Life