Ampere Magnus Pro

Performance Electric Scooter

Up to

84 Kms

per charge

Up to

5-6 Hours

of charge

Advanced Lithium Battery

Battery Options

Magnus Pro

Extra Performance

With a Top speed of 55km/hr Magnus offers a Safe City Driving Speed with a quick acceleration of 0 to 40km/hr in just 10 seconds. Its powerful hub motor ensures that you get amazing torque power and have a smooth driving experience on Flyovers & upslopes


Top Speed of 55 Kmph

Extra Comfort

Every ride get’s super comfortable when you hit the road with the Magnus Pro. Designed specially to give you that extra edge on a comfortable riding experience, the Magnus Pro comes with a host of features that will make every ride a memorable one.

Stylish Seats


Extra Safety

When you ride on the Magnus Pro, you are assured of safety. Be it running on bumpy, greasy roads or be it running the risk of theft, we have got you covered. Combined Braking system and Tubeless tyres that assure you of safe ride, every time. Anti-theft alarm that safeguards your E-Scooter against any potential thefts.


Anti-Theft Alarm

Extra Convenience

Extra range to suit your city commutes. Easily detachable battery to charge your scooter in your office, restaurant, home or parking lot. Forgot to charge your phone? Magnus Pro provides you with an attached USB charger to charge while you drive! Extra provision of light in the luggage compartment for easy viewing in those extra shopping bags.

Convenient range for city commute

Graphite Black

Colors of Life